piatok 31. decembra 2010


I got myself a new PC. It's based on Intel Atom D510 (1.66 GHz, 1M Cache, 2 cores), 1GB RAM, VGA is integrated but I use it as a headless machine. The processor has only passive cooler, so it's completely silent. The board is placed in a Travla C137 case, which has external PSU. I had a spare WD 160G 2.5" USB HDD laying around, so I used it.
I installed Debian Lenny (amd64) on the HDD. It was a bit of PITA, because I used my USB key as an installation medium. After a bit of googling I learned I need to use the 4th primary partition in order to boot from a USB device. There's also a small catch, the configuration of GRUB need to be changed after installation, because the HDD is sdb during install, but sda after the OS is installed (and USB key removed).
Here's the list of web pages that helped me during the install:

The PC is now up and running, I just configured munin on it, here are some resources:

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