štvrtok 29. novembra 2012

Munin and Dreambox DM500HD

I bought DM500HD a few months ago.  Since it's always on, I intended to install munin monitoring on it.  The problem is it does not have Perl bundled.
First I wanted to install Perl (I even tried to install mipsel packages from Debian and it kind of worked), but then I found muninlite which perfectly fit my need.
I developed 2 new plugins to monitor its temperature and fan speed.

nedeľa 1. júla 2012

Upgrade to 12.04

I just upgraded my htpc to Ubuntu 12.04. The upgrade was done via ssh, no problems at all.
The problem is xbmc, as usual after an upgrade. My custom keys mapping I described here stopped working. And the auto-hibernate stopped working as well. Currently investigating.

EDIT:  suspend fixed following instructions here
keys fixed using instructions here

streda 6. júna 2012

History in sqlplus

Use rlwrap sqlplus. Credit goes to this blog post.