štvrtok 11. apríla 2013

Lenovo USB Ethernet adapter and Debian

I bought Lenovo USB Ethernet adapter for my home PC that I set up as a router. The problem is Debian stable does not contain driver for this device (USB ID 17ef:7203), I needed to compile my own.
I found some help on the following pages:
Linux asix_devices.c
Case of the Broken Linux Driver (Lenovo USB 2.0 Ethernet 10/100 dongle)
I needed to change &ax88772b_info in the code snippet.

Static IPs and DHCP

Collection of links, that helped me set up static IPs for certain devices in my home network.
Name your home machines using Tomato
DHCP static IP addresses with dnsmasq
How To: Make Sure /etc/resolv.conf Never Get Updated By DHCP Client