utorok 4. októbra 2016

Eaton 3S disconnect problem

Recently I bought Eaton 3S UPS for my home server. I bought this model because it's supposed to have good Linux support and the size is quite small.

All works fine but after a few days I keep getting disconnects and machine load increases to about 2.0. The messages in syslog are:

Oct 4 06:54:13 atom2 upsmon[1785]: Poll UPS [eaton3s@localhost] failed - Data stale
Oct 4 06:54:16 atom2 kernel: [934148.871714] usb 1-5.2: device descriptor read/64, error -110
Oct 4 06:54:16 atom2 kernel: [934149.047613] usb 1-5.2: new low-speed USB device number 5 using xhci_hcd
Oct 4 06:54:18 atom2 upsmon[1785]: Poll UPS [eaton3s@localhost] failed - Data stale

What I need to do now is not only restart nut but also unload the xhci_hcd module:  

/etc/init.d/nut-client stop
/etc/init.d/nut-server stop

Check and kill all remaining processes:

ps -ef|grep -i -e usb -e hid -e ups -e eaton -e nut

Unload module:

modprobe -r xhci_hcd Load module:
modprobe xhci_hcd

Start nut:

/etc/init.d/nut-server start
/etc/init.d/nut-client start

štvrtok 11. apríla 2013

Lenovo USB Ethernet adapter and Debian

I bought Lenovo USB Ethernet adapter for my home PC that I set up as a router. The problem is Debian stable does not contain driver for this device (USB ID 17ef:7203), I needed to compile my own.
I found some help on the following pages:
Linux asix_devices.c
Case of the Broken Linux Driver (Lenovo USB 2.0 Ethernet 10/100 dongle)
I needed to change &ax88772b_info in the code snippet.

Static IPs and DHCP

Collection of links, that helped me set up static IPs for certain devices in my home network.
Name your home machines using Tomato
DHCP static IP addresses with dnsmasq
How To: Make Sure /etc/resolv.conf Never Get Updated By DHCP Client

štvrtok 29. novembra 2012

Munin and Dreambox DM500HD

I bought DM500HD a few months ago.  Since it's always on, I intended to install munin monitoring on it.  The problem is it does not have Perl bundled.
First I wanted to install Perl (I even tried to install mipsel packages from Debian and it kind of worked), but then I found muninlite which perfectly fit my need.
I developed 2 new plugins to monitor its temperature and fan speed.

nedeľa 1. júla 2012

Upgrade to 12.04

I just upgraded my htpc to Ubuntu 12.04. The upgrade was done via ssh, no problems at all.
The problem is xbmc, as usual after an upgrade. My custom keys mapping I described here stopped working. And the auto-hibernate stopped working as well. Currently investigating.

EDIT:  suspend fixed following instructions here
keys fixed using instructions here

streda 6. júna 2012

History in sqlplus

Use rlwrap sqlplus. Credit goes to this blog post.

utorok 25. októbra 2011

ID3 v2.4 tags

It all started when I found out my xmms2 did not read ID3 tags of some of my files properly. I use kid3 to create and modify the ID3 tags of my music collection and it was reading them all OK, so I started investigating. The first clue was this bug in id3v2 which did not read the ID3 tags as well, so I recompiled the latest sources but still no cigar. I learned id3v2 is using id3lib to parse tags and I found this bug. So I changed the ID3V2_LATEST = ID3V2_3_0 to ID3V2_LATEST = ID3V2_4_0 and it all started working. The question is why is this not enabled by default.