štvrtok 28. júla 2011

Munin/rrdtool spike removal

Occasionally I see spikes on my network card charts. I found this article which says how to remove them and basically it shows how to convert the rrd file to xml and vice versa, so it's worth remembering.
cd /var/lib/munin/HOSTNAME
# To export rrd file to xml, use
rrdtool dump file.rrd > file.rrd.xml

# Move the rrd file to backup
mv file.rrd file.rrd.bak

# To convert from xml to rrd, use:
rrdtool restore -r file.rrd.xml file.rrd

# In case running under different user (e.g. root), don't forget to change back the ownership of rrd files:
chown munin:munin file.rrd

# To regenerate graphs, run as munin:
/usr/share/munin/munin-graph --nolazy --host $HOSTNAME --force

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